Mission college

The Mission of Tulasi Women's College is as follows

1. To educate the women to be employable and economically self sufficient, socially responsible, politically conscious and vigilant, psychologically sound, morally confident, physically fit and spiritually enlightened.

2. To inspire them to take up new responsibilities face the changing global challenges and competitions and scale new heights.

3. Disseminating knowledge to the illiterate, less knowledgeable sections of the society in order to bring them to the national mainstream.

4. To facilitate easy access to learning opportunities and the rapidly changing world of knowledge and information technology.

5. Spreading the message of communal harmony and fostering sprit of universal brotherhood, i.e Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

6. To strengthen peaceful co-existence.

7. To create and sustain an educational environment in the educationally disadvantaged and deprived areas.

8. Liberating women from the shackles of the patriarchy and religious prohibitions and empowering them to be on par with their male counterparts.

9. Honouring and preserving the spirit of democracy.

10. Building up a progressive and prosperous society through educated mothers.

11. To inculcate a scientific and innovative temper in the students to make India a global power and lead the rest of the world, thus realizing the dream of our great ancestors.

12. To live locally and think globally.